Annotating Care Studies

We will be discussing a variety of dense and theoretical texts in the first few weeks of this course in order to orient ourselves to some of the many different approaches to care and the issues implicated in discussing care in American contexts before we examine fictional representations of caregiving. Reading such texts is admittedly difficult and since they will provide a foundation of knowledge that you will return to throughout the course, I am going to ask you all to not merely read the texts and discuss them once in class, but to engage the texts in a sustained way in small groups. This sustained engagement will take two forms:


1) Guiding Discussion of a Care Studies Text

First, in a small group you will be responsible for composing some guiding discussions questions for one text and then helping to guide that day’s discussion of the text in question. Your contribution to this “class leading” will ultimately count for 5% of your final grade.

2) Collaboratively-Produced Written Annotation of Care Studies Text

Second, in your small group you will collaboratively author a blog post which will highlight the key insights, terms, and passages in a different text (ie. not the one from your “class leading” exercise). This blog post will be due on Feb 9. Each of the texts we read together in this first unit will have such a post produced about them, and thus all of them together will provide us as a community with an invaluable resource that we can make use of and return to throughout the semester as we think about the various issues and approaches these texts suggest in relation to particular literary representations and as we work on our subsequent projects. Your contribution to this series of blog posts “annotating” our theoretical readings on care will count for 5% of your final grade.



Groups for Discussion-Leading:

Tronto (Jan. 19): Carey, Annelise, Megan

Ruddick (Jan. 21):  Marissa, Deanna, Maria

Bubeck (Jan. 26): Ndidi, Emil, Hailey

Abel (Jan. 26): Kaitlyn, Ryan, Mary

Reverby (Jan. 28): Misha, June

Hochschild (Jan. 28): TJ, Lauren, Julia

Nodding (Jan. 28): Safura, Kyle, Melody

Kittay (Feb. 2): Savannah, Casey, Micha

West (Feb. 2): Olivia, Sydney, Fiona