Guiding Discussion of a Care Studies Text

For the first part of your “Annotating Care Studies” assignment, each group will be responsible for helping to guide our class discussion of your group’s assigned Care Studies text. This responsibility will require two parts:

First, within your group you will be responsible for generating 3 discussion questions and submitting them to me by midnight of the day before the class meeting in which we discuss your text (i.e. if we are discussing the text on Tuesday, questions must be submitted by midnight on Monday). Good questions will do the following things:

a) focus on specific issues raised by or passages in the text

b) be well-crafted and easily understood by the class

c) solicit answers beyond yes/no, provoking actual discussion of the text (ie. they should be open-ended and stimulate discussion)

Please keep in mind that these questions need not be merely a single sentence and might include some background or context as you see fit.  

Second, in class you will be responsible for posing these questions to the class and helping to guide the discussion that they engender. In order to distribute the labor of this assignment equitably among the group, you might designate each group member to be responsible for one of the questions/guiding the discussion on that question, however, it is crucial that you work together as a group to ensure that the questions are distinct from each other and the conversations they produce help us range across the text.

Your group will ultimately receive a single grade for completion of this portion of the assignment which will be worth 5% of your final grade for the course.