Blogging about Care

During Unit 2 (Weeks 5-12) while we will be examining a series of literary/cultural texts together in class, you will each also be responsible for making 4 short (250-500 word) posts to our course blog presenting your own responses to a reading. These posts should be anchored in close textual engagement with the reading at hand (ie. involve quotation and discussion of specific textual details) and will serve as a low stakes opportunity to try out some strategies for the kind of close-reading you will be responsible for doing in a more elaborate form in the “Close-Reading Care” Assignment. The easiest strategy for them will be to choose a single scene or selection to focus on, so you can direct your energy towards engaging the text rather than trying to cover a range of material. These posts also allow you an opportunity to collect and express your thoughts in written form (and thus give you a bit more time to process before contributing as well as an alternative medium to contribute in which might prove more amenable to you). Note: A maximum of 2 of the 4 posts may be framed as responses to a post someone else has already made for that day’s readings, however, such posts would still require close engagement with the primary text but might offer an alternative or complementary interpretation to one someone else has offered. Completion of the minimum of 4 such blog posts on the readings will count for 5% of your final grade and any additional posts made can count towards your participation if you find it a more amenable medium for sharing your thoughts.