Caring about Care

In addition to the collaborative exercises that will help you engage the dense texts from the first unit more deeply on their own terms,  I would like you to each individually engage these texts and how they speak to your own interests and experiences. Thus, each of you will submit a 5-6 page (double-spaced) essay due Feb 16 (by the time of our class meeting) reflecting on some of these texts (but you should not attempt to be comprehensive and treat all of them) and what aspects of them speak to your own personal and professional interests. As part of this essay, you might articulate some of the questions that these various texts or the course theme have raised for you that you hope to explore over the remainder of the course. You will be provided with a more detailed assignment sheet, but this essay will be intentionally open-ended as it meant to provide each of you with an opportunity to reflect on and share with me your own provisional thoughts on and interests in relation to the course as well as critically engage with the first unit’s readings. This essay will count for 15% of your final grade.

Assignment Sheet: ENG 212W_Caring About Care-Assignment Sheet