Collaborative Note-Taking

As a community we will be engaging in a collaborative note-taking practice. For each class session, two students will be our designated note-takers (you will sign up in advance and depending on class size will probably end up as a note-taker for 2-3 times over the course of the entire semester) and this labor will count towards your participation grade. Notes can be taken in whatever format works most effectively for those students, but must then be shared on our course blog (so you might have to scan or transcribe something if you take notes by hand or draw things out). This collaborative practice will have a variety of benefits for all of us, including: 1) allowing those of you who don’t like to speak in class as much to nonetheless exemplify your engagement with our discussions; 2) helping folks catch up when they miss a class session; and 3) provide a record of sorts that we all might refer back (including me!) since in-class discussions can be very ephemeral and as they move in different directions it can be hard to remember all their various twists and turns.

Please sign up to serve as a note-taker for two sessions on the spreadsheet at the following link:

Please email your notes to the instructor in either a word .doc or .jpeg images of your handwritten notes (if they are legible, if not please type them up) by 5 pm of the following day (so if you are a notetaker for Tuesday’s class, please email them by 5pm on Wednesday).



As generated in class on Jan. 12, the following are some of the key approaches/guidelines to inform the practice of each day’s designated note-takers:

  • Remember to include sections and organization
  • keywords
  • include “enough details” (especially specific examples)
  • mention specific readings discussed and cite page numbers of specific passages
  • copy things from the board
  • include a concluding summary at the end (2-3 sentences)

Board from Day 1