Course Reflection

Due Tuesday May 3 by 1pm 

Because of the various limitations of the standardized course evaluations, in addition to them, I’d like each of you to write up an informal  1-2 page “course reflection,” the completion of which will count towards your participation grade. I’d like you to take the opportunity presented by this task to think back over your experience in the course and in particular your changing understanding of care and share those thoughts with me. One approach to this might be to focus on a particular unit or topic or text we have examined during the semester and reflect on that specifically, though you can also reflect on the larger trajectory of your experience in the course.

And please remember that this need not be formal at all and can be quite personal if you’d like (it will only read by me). The key is just that you take some time to reflect on the course or some part of it and write up those reflections.


Submission Guidelines:

Please email your reflection to me as a word document and make sure that the name of the document contains your last name and the words “course reflection.”