Curating Fictions of Care

Possibly returning to the interests you discussed in your essay for unit 1, in the final assignment for this course you will each individually explore a literary/cultural text that we did not examine together and which relates to your own interests (note: we will discuss how to research and find such texts). You will each produce a webpage on our class website that hosts an introductory essay that you will author about the text. This introductory essay should be aimed at a public audience and should both highlight some key themes of care in the text (in relation to your particular interests in it, these need not be comprehensive) as well as introduce some contextual texts that you have curated for the reader and which interested parties might explore further in relation to the primary text under discussion. This assignment will count for 30% of your final grade.

For the more definitive and comprehensive outline of the assignment and requirements for it, please see the assignment sheet here:


In addition to the final essay due May 3, there are two corresponding small assignments that will count towards your participation grade due earlier. 

First, by midnight on April 18 you must make a 150-250 word blog post about the text you have chosen, some of the issues of care you think you will be exploring in relation to it, and some narrative of what drew you to that text/your process of discovery.

Second, in class on April 19, you will have to informally and briefly share your choice with your classmates and explain your interest in it (what issues does it raise, etc.). This will be no more than a minute or two, though if it would make you feel more comfortable you are more than free to write up notes for yourself to bring to class.