Trouble on My Mind (Extra Credit) – Blog Post

I had the pleasure of attending Professor Ken Hornbeck’s final theatre showcase about common health issues that affect college students. The performance covered a myriad of topics, including anorexia, drug abuse, alcohol, peer pressure, stress, social media, dating, and depression. One scene that particularly stuck out to me dealt with the issue of how to deal with … More Trouble on My Mind (Extra Credit) – Blog Post

curating care

My final project will focus on stories told in Grey’s Anatomy. Specifically I want to look at how Meredith Grey, one of the main characters, deals with her mother, Ellis Grey, who has developed Alzheimer’s. Meredith is starting her intern year in training to become a surgical resident. An intern year is notoriously difficult, and … More curating care

Final Project

The subject for my final project will be a film by Ma Liwen, a Chinese director, titled Gone Is The One Who Held Me Dearest In The World. The film is based on an autobiographical novel of the same title, written by Zhang Jie, about a middle-aged woman caring for her elderly mother. Some of the themes … More Final Project